Scalable and faster PWA for Magento to accelerate conversions

Explore a combination of mobile & web technologies with advanced Progressive Web Application for your Magento store and witness a boost in conversions and diversify revenues flow.

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Upgrade acquaintance with native apps & responsive websites using uninterrupted PWA solutions

Undoubtedly, the era of flawless mobile-first experience is going to continue. With responsive web solutions, you may not be able to get better results on mobile devices. On the other hand, native mobile application development turns out to be expensive and is a lengthy process. Progressive Web Application development helps Google search while working offline even with a weak network connection.

Feels and works like a native app

Add to home screen

Easily Discoverable

Works Offline

Works On All Devices

Push Notifications

Our Benefits

We build user-friendly, secure, and fast PWA solutions to reduce the time to market your application.

Easy Magento implementation

Hands-on experience to implement flawless PWA for Magento storefront to offer incredible shopping experience on the go.

Feature-packed ready-made Magento PWA themes

Reap in the benefits of industry-specific,easy to install, and customizable PWA ready-made themes for Magento.

Offer support for future customization

We hand over the code base to help you perform customization in the future if required. For your convenience,we also offer customization services if needed.

Get complete training and assistance

Hands-on experience to implement flawless PWA for Magento storefront to offer incredible shopping experience on the go.

Pay just once

Avail of high-speed PWA along with Magento commerce just by paying once.

Functional with an existing setup

PWA can operate seamlessly on a regular Magento hosting setup without any additional software/servers.

Witness Growth in Mobile Revenue

PWA offers app-like incredible shopping experiences through mobile devices. Be ready to discover mobile traffic pouring in to accelerate mobile earnings.

Faster loading speed

Speed = conversions. With PWA front installation, get 3 times higher page loading speed for Magento website.

Drive user Engagement

Speed = conversions. With PWA front installation, get 3 times higher page loading speed for Magento website.

Noticeable Sales Conversion

Core features of PWA help shoot conversion rates exponentially and ultimately ROI

Create brand awareness

Reach new customers and establish healthy customer relationships by creating brand awareness & reputation online.

Leverage PWA for organic traffic

The exceptional speed of PWA gives an incredible user experience and attracts organic traffic to your website.

Add to Home screen

Add to home screen feature helps your customers access PWA app even with poor network and ensures repeat visitors and new leads.

Push notifications

Do not miss the opportunity to update your customers about festive offers and discounts through push notifications which also help you enhance customer engagement.

Innovative and Adaptable Automation

Combination of advanced technology like GraphQL, ReactJS Webpack under one roof

Headless commerce architecture

Headless commerce architecture enables easy integration of flexible PWA-friendly front ends without changing the back-end. Headless commerce supported PWA store helps improve your Google ranking.

Update PWA flawlessly

Speed = conversions. With PWA front installation, get 3 times higher page loading speed for Magento website.

Integration of modern architecture

Core features of PWA help shoot conversion rates exponentially and ultimately ROI

Willing to integrate PWA front-end for Magento

We help you offer a lightning-fast app-like experience with PWA to give an extraordinary shopping experience to your customers. With PWA for Magento increase the conversion rates, number of visitors, and enhance the SEO for your website.

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Incredible Features

We build user-friendly, secure, and fast PWA solutions to reduce the time to market your application.

Faster loading time

Driving sales becomes easier through speed and PWA with its cache features helps prevent performance issues and slow speed.

Operates in offline mode

Your internet is down? Do not worry PWA works with slow internet connections as well as in offline mode too. So you can access the app at all times.

Push notifications

Never miss out on letting your customer know about the recent updates. Use push notifications to increase user engagement and let your customers stay updated.

Install on the home screen

With the help of Magento PWA, your customers can add the web app to their home screen and replicate the experience of an app with faster accessibility.

Server Side Rendering

A mature technique with rich tools to suit your PWAs and its related SEOs too. SSR is the ideal technique if you want large quantity of data with smooth functioning of your PWAs.

Background Updates

PWA users never have to worry about the updates. Never! Instant and automated updates are available to all the users without any app store approvals.

Fully Customizable Frontend theme

Bring your dream frontend theme into reality at Dolphin Web Solutions. Our developers fully customise frontend of your PWAs according to the requirement.

Advanced search capabilities

Give your search bar a pioneer pathway through advanced search capabilities. Serve your clients with impeccable and effortless searching to provide them with accurate results at minimal efforts.

Seamless Product Listing

These fast paced PWAs acts as a boon to the retail industries. With its capacity to hold larger quantity of data it also provides with seamless presentation of your products on the application for better understanding to the viewers.

Advanced Layered Navigation

Make navigation simple yet active with advanced layered navigation at Dolphin Web Solution. Add custom filtersand sliders to enhance user interface and user satisfaction on the application.

Classified Mega Menu

Add tailor made Mega Menus to your application for effective navigation and to enhance user experience. Accommodate your large content into a nicely packed and stylish visual aid menu so nothing is left out.

Dynamic promotional rotating banners

Share your promotional banners with fast and customisable ad campaigns for your product with dynamic promotional rotating banners. Bring in potential customers with these efficient and visually enchanting online promotions.

Images lazy loading functionality

Improve loading time and lower the server infrastructure by lazy loading. Conserve bandwidth by delivering content to users only if it is requested.

Product Gallery with zoom functionality

Display your product with various angles, effects and scrolling ability. Add thumbnails and high resolution visuals of your product to increase customer confidence.

Interrupted updating process

You can enjoy using the app while it is updating quietly in the background. So no more interruptions or waiting while the app is updating.

Compatible on multiple devices

Works with all devices connected to the internet.


They are known as the applications indexed by search engines and hence displayed in search results.

Experience of a native app

PWA behaves just like a native app with the users in terms of navigation and interaction.

All Types of product supported

We build PWAs which supports every kind of product. Add all variants of your product to the application and do not let anything be left behind. And let your customers choose from the best.

Product rich content

Come in for product rich content to PWAs developed by Dolphin Web Solutions. You can focus on the substantial content and be visually appealing at the same time with PWAs making the application comprehensive for the users.

Reviews & Ratings

PWAs of Dolphin Web Solutions provide reviews and ratings to each of your listed products, individually, to get a better feedback and greater customer satisfaction.

Single-step Fast checkout

Easy and quick checkout is what customers want. Get a hold of single step, super quick checkout feature with PWAs by Dolphin Web Solutions.

Magento native Payment gateway capabilities

Magneto provides various high quality payment gateways which aids in increasing customer trust and secured online payment process globally for your application.

Desktop & Mobile

PWAs narrow down the gap between user experience in web based applications and native applications. Thus it works both on desktops and mobiles, giving an app like feeling without actually downloading it to the device.

Multi store capabilities

Efficiently handle multiple stores of your business through a single admin panel. Multi store capabilities of PWAs lead to easy sharing of inventory and customer data along with creation of better user experience.

Multi-currency capabilities

Spread out your business onto the global platform as PWAs by Dolphin Web Solutions have you covered with multi-currency capabilities, including currency selector and up-to-date exchange rates.

Multi linguistic capabilities

Give a personal touch to your PWAs with various languages from around the globe. These multi-lingual capabilities will give an edge to your application over others and will increase customer loyalty.

Auto Image Optimazation

Higher compression while maintaining the visual quality means your images consume lesser data over the network and are downloaded faster. With Dolphin PWA all images are optimized by default and serve in next-gen WebP formats.

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